What is YTMAT

Young Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto (YTMAT) was founded in 2006 under the full support of Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto (TMAT). It was founded to provide business professionals, entrepreneurs, owners, college graduates, and senior university students, aged from early 18 to mid 35, a chance to join an organization where they can access and effectively network with members of the Canadian business community.  


The objective of YTMAT is for members to share information, establish networks, and strengthen friendships; with a focus on Entrepreneurship. YTMAT is dedicated to building a strong positive image for a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs whose endeavour is to reach professional and personal excellence. YTMAT will provide members with opportunities to obtain and develop skills needed to succeed on a personal and professional basis. These opportunities will include a series of events focused on specific skills and themes, as well as casual meetings to build relationships and friendships.  

Possible Events include

•  Luncheons 

•  Golf Tournament 

•  North American Junior Taiwanese Association event 

•  Workshops 

•  Networking meetings  

•  Scholarship (not an event)  


 • Learning opportunity 

 • Investment opportunity 

 • Life-long friendship with your peers 

 • Networking with local business community 

 • Promote your company and yourself 

 • Recruit for volunteers, CO-OP, or full-time positions 

 • Network with other participating professions during our events

 • Network with other young professionals with other communities



YTMAT Organization




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